AlphaWallet review 2023: How to use Alphawallet & More!

Alphawallet review
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Alphawallet is an easy-to-use and secure Ethereum wallet with ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. This Alphawallet review is an up-to-date, detailed analysis of the Alphawallet wallet, containing everything you need to know about Alphawallet and whether it’s the right wallet for you.

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AlphaWallet review

Alphawallet was founded by Weiwu Zhang, a Blockchain expert with over 9 years of experience and architect for 3 altcoins and 7 ICO projects is the CTO, and Co-Founder, Victor Zhang, a business mogul with over 10 years of business experience with 7 years of experience managing multinational teams and businesses across Asia countries is the CEO and Co-Founder and finally James Brown Lead Developer and Co-Founder with over 20 years of software experience.

The wallet is a simple and secure Ethereum wallet that supports the native ERC20, ERC721, and ERC875 protocols. It claims to be the only open-source self-custodial wallet. Self-custodial is similar to non-custodial in that you are the sole holder of your private keys.

It is also the first mobile Ethereum wallet app to use Secure Enclave, which provides users with cold wallet-grade security. AlphaWallet supports all Ethereum-based networks and provides comprehensive Ethereum crypto management for the majority of chains, including Ethereum, xDai, Ethereum Classic, Artis, POA, Ropsten, Goerli, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Sokol.

Alpha wallet hopes to act as a bridge between public chains and dApps by converting values into blockchain tokens that can be stored and used on the platform. Ethereum’s true power lies in its ability to interact with tokens in a natural and straightforward manner. AlphaWallet and TokenScript are working together to create the next generation of token usability, unlocking the true power and convenience of tokens.

What is AlphaWallet?

AlphaWallet is a simple and secure Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20, ERC721, and ERC875 natively. All Ethereum-based networks are supported by AlphaWallet, including Ethereum, xDai, Ethereum Classic, Artis, POA, Ropsten, Goerli, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Sokol.

The true power of Ethereum lies in its ability to interact with tokens in a natural and straightforward manner. As a result, AlphaWallet and TokenScript are collaborating to create the next generation of token usability, unlocking the true power and convenience of tokens.

It is also the first mobile Ethereum wallet to use Secure Enclave, which provides cold wallet-grade security to users. By converting values into blockchain tokens that can be stored and used on the platform, AlphaWallet hopes to act as a bridge between public chains and dApps.

AlphaWallet Pros and Cons


  • Educational resources: Alpha Wallet has a knowledge base blog filled with educational resources for users in the crypto space. This contains frequently asked questions (FAQS) and detailed guides to utilizing and getting the best experience possible.
  • Intelligent and Intuitive UI: its intelligent and Intuitive UI makes it compatible with both professionals and newbies alike.
  • Open source: AlphaWallet is also completely open source. Anyone can view and comment on the layout of the application’s code, and potentially find software errors or vulnerabilities.
  • Supports NFTs: AlphaWallet offers support for multi-chain networks. It connects with Defi providers for yield farming, as well as supporting NFTs.
  • Self-custodial: Heard of the saying “Not your keys, not your crypto” Alpha wallet gives you the convenience of being the sole holder of your private keys.
  • Tokenize business assets: Another cool thing about AlphaWallet is its tokenization features. This may be especially desirable for business owners. The main focus of AlphaWallet is managing and using tokens. 


  • Supports only Ethereum-based networks: Since AlphaWallet is an Ethereum wallet, it mostly supports Ethereum-based networks. Some of these include Mainnet, Polygon (MATIC), xDai, BSC, Heco, Fantom Opera, Optimistic, and Ethereum Classic Arbitrum One, among many others.

Alphawallet review: How to use Alphawallet

Step 1

After installing the Alphawallet, click on the icon and choose “Create a new wallet” or “I already have a wallet” if you already have an account, then follow the on-screen instructions to import your wallet.

How to use Alphawallet

Step 2

Now select the number of networks you want to be displayed on your wallet, then click on the arrow at the top left to access the main page.

Step 3

Now, for your safety, you’ll need to back up your wallet. Click on the settings icon located at the lower right of the page.

Step 4

Now click on “Back up my wallet.” 

Step 5

Then, on the next page, copy down your 12 keyphrases displayed on your screen and click on “Okay, I wrote this down.” 

Step 6

Then on the next page, you’ll need to verify what you wrote by tapping the words in the right order, and clicking on “Continue.” 

Step 7

After that, on the next page, click on the lock seed phrase and then approve with your biometrics.

Alphawallet review: Alphawallet Supported Coins

As stated earlier, AlphaWallet is a multichain Ethereum wallet, supporting Ethereum-based networks. This include 

  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • xDai
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Heco
  • ARTIS signma1
  • Fantom Opera
  • Avalanche
  • Optimistic
  • Arbitrum One
  • Palm
  • Ethereum Classic
  • POA
  • Ropsten
  • Goerli
  • Kovan
  • Rinkeby and 
  • Sokol. 

Ethereum is an extremely large blockchain, so this wallet still supports a good number of networks. There are quite a few cryptocurrencies that aren’t supported on the Ethereum blockchain, so take a careful inventory of the tokens you need to be stored before making your decision.

Alphawallet Supported Networks

The Ethereum-based wallet with support for all Ethereum-based tokens also supports other block Chain networks like:

  • Ethereum
  • Genosis
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum Classic
  • POA
  • ARTIS sigma1
  • Heco
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom Opera
  • Optimistic
  • Cronos 
  • Arbitrum One
  • Klaytn Cypress
  • IoTeX
  • Aurora
  • Milkomida Cardano

Alphawallet Fees

Alphawallet is free to download and doesn’t charge any wallet fees. Users only have to pay blockchain fees, which are customizable in Alphawallet so that users can decide how much they want to pay in gas fees. 

Alphawallet review: Alphawallet app

Asides from The Alpha wallet extension, which is available for desktop users, it also has a mobile app that is built to focus on Defi. It shows a comprehensive breakdown of token transactions and swaps, helps discover tokens automatically, and displays tickers for all main tokens.

The Metamask mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows users to send or receive cryptocurrency on the go with an intuitive and intelligent user interface. All functionality available on the browser version is available on the app, including buying, selling, sending, and receiving assets. The mobile app also has a ⭐ rating of 4.2 with over 50 thousand downloads.

According to this Alphawallet review, below is a review of the Alphawallet app.

Alphawallet app

Alphawallet review: Alpha wallet NFT

AlphaWallet has an NFTs (non-fungible tokens) section where you can access and view all of your NFTs on the Ethereum Network. Your assets are non-custodial and belong to you. AlphaWallet provides hardware-level security through the Secure Enclave on your mobile devices.

You can access all NFTs in the Wallet section and use all NFTs-related DApps in the built-in DApp browser, including minting new NFTs, bidding in auctions, transferring/selling, and many more.

Alpha Wallet Customer Service

Alphawallet customer support has a range of systems in place to help users in need. It has a help center with frequently asked questions (FAQs) and guides so users can search for articles regarding the issue they’re having. 

Is AlphaWallet legit?

Alphawallet security is undisputed, and the world’s first Ethereum wallet uses ‘Secure Enclave’ technology, giving you hardware-grade, ‘cold wallet level’ security for your funds and assets.


The wallet has taken strategic measures to give users the best possible experience. Some of its security features include:

  • In the event of device access or loss, use biometrics or pin-code authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your AlphaWallet.
  • AlphaWallet is a non-custodial service. That is, you have control over your keys, and your funds are fully recoverable in the event of device loss. Use your seed phrase with AlphaWallet or another deterministic ETH wallet that supports the BIP39 standard to restore your address.
  • The distinct AlphaWallet attestation feature allows you to prove your identity when browsing the web3 with your email or phone number, ensuring that no one can impersonate you or conduct transactions in your name.
  • WalletConnect allows you to securely connect to your favorite desktop dapps without putting your keys or tokens at risk. Sign any transactions that occur on your mobile device before they occur.

Alphawallet review: Final Verdict

According to this Alphawallet review, it is a decentralized wallet with numerous features and Web3 applications that serve as a central hub for NFT and Web3 enthusiasts looking to build decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

The wallet is available as both a web browser application and a mobile app. It allows you to quickly set up an account, and its top-notch security ensures that your funds are secure.

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