Bullish review 2023: Is Bullish Secure? and More!

bullish review
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Bullish exchange lets you trade with confidence, even when markets are volatile. This Bullish review is an up-to-date, detailed analysis of Bullish exchange containing everything you need to know about Bullish and whether It’s the right exchange for you.

Let’s find out

Bullish review

Bullish exchange was launched in November 2021, Bullish’s blockchain-based cryptocurrency trading platform has been designed as a regulated, externally verifiable exchange, operating a high-performance central-limit-order-book matching engine combined with Defi-derived Liquidity Pools to enable automated market-making capabilities and yield earning opportunities.

To date, Bullish has processed more than USD $ 10 billion in transactions and is available in 40+ jurisdictions globally. Bullish is seeking to go public on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with special purpose acquisition company Far Peak Acquisition Corp (NYSE: FPAC), a special-purpose acquisition company.

The Bullish leadership team comprises financial services, blockchain, and technology experts and, following a business combination with FPAC, Bullish will be led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thomas W. Farley, FPAC’s Chairman, and CEO and the former President of the New York Stock Exchange. Bullish exchange has been designed to benefit asset holders, empower traders, and increase overall market integrity.

Bullish review: What is Bullish exchange?

Bullish is a technology company focused on developing financial services for the digital assets sector that make earning, investing, and transacting easier and more rewarding.

As mainstream institutions and retail audiences embrace digital currencies, Bullish is creating the next generation of infrastructure to meet their needs.

bullish exchange review
Bullish Exchange Interface

Bullish review: Why choose Bullish?

The Bullish crypto exchange is increasingly developing active trading technologies by introducing unique trading tools and developing new multi-level security systems. As a result, the investment program is represented by a single product: liquidity pools (Bullish Liquidity pools). 

The product entails putting money from investors into pools that will provide liquidity to the network. They are compensated for this by the transaction fees paid by network participants.

Bullish review: Features of Bullish Exchange

Hybrid Order Book

Bullish combines elements of an automated market maker with the strengths of a central exchange to create a proprietary hybrid order book with deep liquidity capability. In other words, the exchange features liquidity pools, as well as an order book such that it can meet up the liquidity demands of institutional traders.

Lending Tool

When Bullish launches, it will allow users to lend funds out to margin traders.

Portfolio Management

The exchange provides an interface where users can monitor their portfolio, including the performance of their trades, assets deposited in liquidity pools, and those made available for margin traders.

Sophisticated Security Infrastructure

Bullish integrates cryptography-powered security safeguards. All transactions executed on Bullish are recorded on the EOS public blockchain. Therefore, the entire system will be verifiable. Also, it will support WebAuthn protocols for password-free authentication.

bullish review

Bullish Exchange Services

Yield Earning Service

Since Bullish incorporates the concept of liquidity pools, it has to enable a reward mechanism that will incentivize users to deposit funds that other users can trade against. Therefore, users would generate earnings when they make funds available for margin traders.

Compliant Trading Infrastructure

One thing that Bullish is betting on is its ability to provide fully compliant exchange services that would potentially appeal to institutional traders.  

Scalable Infrastructure

The exchange has opted for a hybrid system in order to guarantee speed and liquidity. For Bullish, speed and liquidity are non-negotiable.

Bullish Exchange Pros and Cons


  • Bug Bounty Program: Bullish is actively reaching out to skilled security researchers and developers across the globe to help identify any potential weaknesses in its technology. If you have the experience and the interest, you can benefit by helping the exchange identify vulnerabilities in its platform.
  • Earn at scale: As assets are deployed at scale for automated market making (AMM) and safe margin lending, Bullish Liquidity Pools allow you to share in the fees generated from both trading fees and lending interest.
  • Bullish is regulated: That is, they adhere to the applicable anti-money laundering regulations. The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) licenses the exchange and follows international regulatory standards and supervisory best practices.
  • Beginner-friendly interface: Bullish has a user interface that is suitable for beginners. As a result, even if you’re a novice, you’ll be able to navigate the platform with ease.
  • Bullish exchange news: Bullish has an array of educational resources on its exchange, all to stir users in the right direction on how to utilize its platform, and also has insights on the latest news in the crypto space.


  • No referral program: At the moment, the marketing policy of the exchange does not involve attracting users through an affiliate program.
  • No staking option: Bullish currently doesn’t have an option for staking on its platform for its users, which can be a good way for users to earn passively on their crypto.
  • Limited cryptocurrency: The Bullish exchange has a total of six cryptocurrencies, which is very little compared to Blockchain.com, BTCEX, amongst others.
  • Bullish exchange USA: Bullish Exchange is not available in the U.S and does not provide services in some locations, including Canada, China, Japan, Israel, and Russia.

Bullish review: Cryptocurrencies Available on Bullish

Bullish Exchange Cryptos

The Bullish Exchange crypto features only six cryptocurrencies, listing some of the most popular tokens in the digital asset space. Some examples are: 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • USDC (USD Coin)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • EOS (EOS)

Bullish supports the following fiat currencies (referred to as Permitted Fiat Currencies, or PFCs, in the Terms of Service):

  • US dollars (USD)

Bullish review: How to sign up on Bullish

Bullish Sign up

Step 1

Visit Bullish at the top right corner of the page, and click on “Sign up.”

Step 2

On the sign-up page, fill in your email address, select your nationality, and location of residence, also check the boxes, then click on “Sign up as an individual.”

Step 3

On the next page, click “Continue.”

Step 4 

You’ll now receive an email from Bullish with a confirmation link.  Go to your email and click on “Verify.”

Note: If you didn’t receive the email link the first time, you can click on “resend” and recheck your mail, including the spam folder.

Step 5

Now your email will be verified, and you’ll need to set up security on your Bullish account. Click on “Continue” to proceed.

Step 6

Select a security question, write the answer, and click on “Continue” to proceed.

Step 7

Now create a 6-digit pin, re-enter it, and click on “Set up.”

Step 8

In the pop-up, select “Add a new Android phone” so you can link your mobile device with your account.

Note: You’ll need to download the QR & Barcode Scanner and use it to scan the QR code displayed on your screen.

Step 9

After scanning, a link will appear on the page. Click on “Open” and select a browser, or copy the link and paste it into your browser (preferably Chrome).

Bullish review: Is Bullish regulated?

Bullish Exchange is operated by Bullish (GI) Limited and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (DLT license: FSC1038FSA). Bullish (GI) Limited is a company incorporated and registered in Gibraltar (company: 119714), with its registered address at c/o Fiduciary Management Limited, Portland House, Glacis Road, Gibraltar GX11 1AA.

Bullish Exchange API

In terms of customization, user-interface simplicity, navigation, and design, the trading platforms utilized by various exchange platforms differ from one another. This is due to multiple considerations and designs made by different exchange platforms while building their trading platforms. 

Regardless of the variations, the Bullish Exchange website features impressive user-friendliness, is easy to use, and has essential trading tools integrated into its API. 

It also has trading API documentation, which provides resource descriptions and endpoint usage instructions for the API.

bullish api
Bullish API

The Bullish global exchange platform offers its clients a perfect trading environment as well as a wide range of choices.

Bullish Exchange Token

The bullish exchange doesn’t have a token. This may become integral in the future, but currently, the Bullish exchange coin doesn’t exist.

Bullish review: Bullish Exchange Fees

Bullish Exchange Trading Fees

The trading fees are divided into maker and taker. Bullish exchanges do not charge any maker fees in their trading markets. If your limit order is subsequently matched with a subsequent taker order, maker fees will typically be applied to the amount filled.

When you send a market order or a limit order that instantly matches against other market participants’ previously sent limit orders, you are charged taker fees based on the amount filled. Only non-stablecoin markets, such as BTC/USD and ETH/BTC, charge a taker fee.

The trading fees and interest charges are displayed in the table below.

Trading pair Maker feeTaker fee
BTC/USD 0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
ETH/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
EOS/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
ETH/BTC0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LTC/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LTC/BTC0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LINK/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LINK/BTC0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
USDC/USD0 bps0 bps

Taker fees are paid when you remove liquidity from the Bullish Hybrid Order Book (HOB) with a market order.  Maker fees are paid when you add liquidity to the Bullish HOB with a limit order or stop limit order.

Bullish Exchange Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Bullish Exchange Deposit Fees

Bullish exchange doesn’t charge any deposit fees.

Bullish Exchange Withdrawal Fees

Bullish does not charge for wire transfers. However, for a fiat transfer, Bullish Exchange fiat currency sub-custodian Silvergate Bank charges a withdrawal fee of US$30 per withdrawal and cryptocurrency withdrawal fees are displayed in the table.

CryptosWithdrawal Fees

Note: These fees are charged per transaction.

In the case of other networks, the associated blockchain may levy a transaction fee. Also, external wallets may charge a transaction fee on transfers.

Bullish Deposit and Withdrawal Method

Bullish Deposit Method

Bullish encourages deposits in both fiat currency and crAt this time, Bullish does not endorse the use of debit or credit cards for money deposits.  deposit funds. A bank account that is held in the same name as the Bullish account must be used to make the deposit of money via bank transfer. Below are outlined steps on how to deposit cryptocurrency on Bullish.

Step 1

Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Portfolio.

Step 2

Choose the Deposit button at the top right side of the screen.

Step 3

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit.

Step 4

Assuming you’d like to deposit EOS: Copy the EOS deposit account name and deposit memo to the account that is being used to deposit EOS by choosing the Copy icon.

For Other Cryptocurrencies:

Scan the QR code or copy the deposit address to the account that is being used to deposit by choosing the Copy icon.

Note: Double-check your deposit information to ensure the information is correct, otherwise, your funds could get lost. Lost funds cannot be recovered.

Bullish review: How to Deposit Fiat on Bullish

Bullish exchange only accepts USD.

Step 1

Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Portfolio.

Step 2

Select the “Deposit” option from the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Choose the fiat currency you want to deposit.

Step 4

Choose the “Wire Transfer” tab and review the bank wire information.

Step 5

Initiate the wire transfer from your bank and include the deposit memo (for USD) in the wire.

Note: If you’re making a deposit via wire transfer, it may take up to five business days, while a cryptocurrency transfer may complete in just a few minutes. 

Bullish Minimum and Maximum Deposits

Minimum and maximum deposit thresholds are not supported by Bullish Exchange. However, large deposits may require additional manual review by the Bullish Compliance team before being credited to your trading account.

Bullish Withdrawal Method

Bullish has a maximum daily withdrawal limit on accounts depending on the account type, i.e., individual or institutional. The individual account has a daily limit, while the institutional account has a daily limit of $1 million.

As soon as you successfully transfer money from a bank account or cryptocurrency wallet to your Bullish account, those accounts are automatically saved and made accessible for subsequent transfers. All of your linked accounts will appear in the Select Destination drop-down list after you choose an asset you would like to withdraw.

Bullish review: How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency on Bullish

Step 1

Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Portfolio.

Step 2

Select the Withdraw option in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from the list of assets.

Step 4

Read through the instructions on the pop-up window and choose “I understand.”

Note: This call to action highlights the evolving landscape surrounding the travel rule, as well as potential implications for withdrawals from Bullish to financial entities (e.g., exchanges) in specific jurisdictions (e.g., Canada, Singapore, Japan).

Step 5

Choose a destination and enter the amount to withdraw.

Step 6

Choose Review.

Step 7

Choose “Confirm” if the information is correct. Otherwise, choose “Go Back” and edit the information.

Step 8

Enter your 6-digit PIN.

Step 9

To authorize the action, use WebAuthn.

Step 10

Choose Done.

Bullish review: How to Withdraw Fiat Currency

Step 1

Go to the left-hand navigation and choose Portfolio.

Step 2

Select the Withdraw option in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Choose the fiat currency you wish to withdraw from the list of assets.

Note: When withdrawing USD from Bullish to a non-USD personal or corporate bank account, the conversion from USD to your account’s final currency (e.g., EUR) is handled by your bank and/or its partner banking network.

Step 4

Read through the instructions on the pop-up window and choose “I Understand.”

Step 5

Choose a destination and enter the amount to withdraw.

Step 6

Choose Review.

Step 7

Choose “Confirm” if the information is correct. Otherwise, choose “Go Back” and edit the information.

Step 8

Enter your 6-digit PIN.

Step 9

To authorize the action, use WebAuthn.

Step 10

Choose Done.

Bullish Minimum And Maximum Withdrawals

Bullish Minimum Withdrawal

Bullish Minimum withdrawals must be greater than the withdrawal fee.

Bullish Maximum Withdrawal

Bullish maximum withdrawal in 24 hours for an individual account is $250,000 while 

The institutional account is $1 million.

Note: Large withdrawals may require additional manual review by the Bullish Exchange compliance team.

Bullish Exchange Review

Bullish Exchange reviews include both positive and negative feedback from users who have interacted with the company. Below are some of the top Bullish reddit reviews from its users:

“I Saw some impressions so I decided to test it out for myself. The Entry threshold has no minimum and maximum deposit amounts. Also, there are no restrictions on the amount of funds for replenishment and withdrawal, and there is even small leverage. Instruments include market, limit, and stop-limit orders. There are tools for trading volumes, the execution is more than instant and it is the best option for trading a few coins. I compared the display of the spread in the order book with other sources and found the spread quite satisfactory. Commission fees are generally perfect, even less than what Binance offers. If you work only with BTC and ETH, I recommend the exchange for excellent execution of transactions and low commissions.”

“I started trading with Bullish a couple of months ago, but didn’t trade with them for a long time, for various reasons:

If the exchange is interested in clients, why such a listing? 

Also, coinmarketcap outlined certain technologies like: hybrid order book (HOB), central order book (COB) with automatic market formation (AMM), and bullish liquidity pools (BLP). Did anyone even understand what it is, how it works, and how profit is generated as compared to other exchanges? 

There are no detailed explanations on the exchange website, except for an Intuitive UI.”

Bullish Exchange Revenue

Bullish exchange generates its revenues primarily from: 

  • Market-Making Revenues – Fees generated from trading activity on the hybrid order book, which comprises market maker fees and LMT order fees 
  • Margin Revenues – Fees generated from trading activity attributed to margin trading and interest received for the provision of margin trading 
  • Treasury Management – revenue generated from asset allocation, primarily from the Liquidity Pools of the Exchange
Bullish Exchange Revenue
Bullish Exchange Revenue

Bullish Exchange Volumes

Bullish Exchange, since its inception in November 2021, has seen huge numbers on its platform. Bullish exchange has generated over 8,500 weekly visits in just six markets which are: BTC, ETH, LINK, USD Coin, LTC, and EOS. 

However, Bullish Exchange intends to broaden its digital asset offerings in the future, subject to applicable regulatory requirements, based on customer demand. As of this writing, according to coinmarketcap Bullish exchange has a volume of $197,329,531 in 24 hours.

Bullish Crypto Exchange Investors

Bullish digital exchange seeks to address investors by outlining a series of instances where exchanges prosper at the expense of asset holders. Bullish claims that crypto holders, who provide liquidity and the network effects that exchanges rely upon, typically reap none of the rewards, but that its exchange platform is redesigned to benefit asset holders, enable traders, and increase market integrity.

Bullish Exchange Trading Interface

Bullish crypto exchange investors speak to potential investors interested in investing in Bullish exchange. To ensure that clients are fully aware of the risks that decentralized finance (DeFi) poses, the platform has outlined a risk factor analysis of any investment investors are willing to make on its exchange. 

Bullish is powered by liquidity pools that are optimized to generate yield. The exchange provides asset holders with the ability to earn yield, benefits for traders, deep and predictable liquidity across highly variable market conditions, and deterministic margin lending that is transparent and designed to remain financially solvent.

Is Bullish safe?

Is bullish safe

The exchange is highly focused on the safety of its users, integrating a number of technologies to maintain the security and privacy of its users. Some of the technologies include:

  • Cryptography: Bullish secures your assets using the cryptographic security of blockchain technology. Users can be confident that their data will stay private even while being processed.
  • Multi-signature wallet architecture: Increase your confidence with hot and cold wallets that are all secured with multi-signature technology. It’s an approach where a number of highly secure and encrypted keys are required to move funds from custody, thus eliminating the single point of failure risk of many custody systems.
  • Cold storage: To enhance the security of customer assets at any time, the majority of crypto assets will be held in cold storage utilizing complex, peer-reviewed multi-sig security, whitelist-only transfer processes.
  • Multi-factor authentication with WebAuthn: Bullish uses multi-factor authentication instead of passwords to provide a secondary layer of security via WebAuthn, a strong and secure method of web authentication. This reduces the chances of outside access to your account and protects your personal information.
  • Cryptographic proofs: This ensures that withdrawals may only be made with the involvement of the customer who owns the assets.

Bullish review: Conclusion

The Bullish Exchange is unique primarily because of its negligibly low commissions, which are virtually nonexistent for makers. A listing of only six coins and a $10,000 entry fee, however, might present a barrier for private investors. 

Bullish leverages a private blockchain in order to integrate the strategic advantages of blockchain’s inherent capabilities into the platform’s design and achieve a new degree of security, transparency, and resilience. Bullish made a wise choice by combining DEX implementation with traditional trading methods, and this combination will result in success. 

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