BKEX Review 2023: Fees, Is BKEX Secure? and More!

bkex review
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BKEX is a platform for digital asset browsers. This BKEX review is an up-to-date, detailed analysis of BKEX exchange containing everything you need to know about BKEX and whether It’s the right exchange for you.

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BKEX review

BKEX, a global crypto-asset financial exchange, was established in 2018 in the British Virgin Islands. It focuses on the absorption and mining of superior-quality digital assets, provides an innovative global station for users around the world, and offers an array of investments and trading services among a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

BKEX crypto exchange has served many users in over 100 countries, and other than providing trading services in cryptocurrency, it also offers derivatives trading, mining pool financial services, spot trading, Seed Incubator Pro, ETP with constant leverage, and many more.

BKEX is considered to be the king of the blockchain and financial industry. The development team consists of developers from China as well as many other countries.

BKEX review: What is BKEX Exchange?

BKEX is an innovative digital asset trading platform for professional users across the world, offering trading and investment services covering a wide range of digital assets. 

Bkex review
BKEX Exchange Interface

It is a global digital asset financial service platform with independent trading and operation centers in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United States, South Korea, and other countries and regions. It is a leader in the technology platform, product line, security risk control system, operation, customer service system, etc.

Key Features of BKEX

  • BKEX supports multi-currency transactions such as LTC/BTC, ETH/BTC, BCH/BTC, ETC/BTC, BTC/USDT, LTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BCH/USDT, and ETC/USDT.
  • BKEX offers Real-time prices.
  • Professional K-line diagram.
  • BKEX offers flexible trading methods including limit trading and market trading.
  • BKEX offers a fast response to top-ups and withdrawals.
  • BKEX uses price reminders to keep users up-to-date with market prices
  • BKEX offers a 24/7 multilingual service.
  • BKEX offers convenient asset inquiry.

 BKEX Review: Pros and Cons


  • A large number of cryptocurrencies: BKEX has a large pool of cryptocurrencies listed on its exchange platform, over 1200 cryptos. The long list helps to widen investor’s/traders’ options and if there’s a cryptocurrency you’re looking for there’s a chance it’ll be here.
  • Low trading fees: The BKEX fees are low compared to other exchanges. Its handling fee for the maker is 0.15% and taker is 0.2%. Also, its handling fee for a perpetual contract Is 0.05% for a maker and 0.05% for a taker.
  • Extensive pro-trading options: BKEX allows an extensive range of pro-trading options like spot, ETP, Financial, Smart Pool, and derivatives trading.
  • Intelligent and Intuitive UI: BKEX has an intelligent and Intuitive user interface designed for both beginners and professionals alike. This helps to facilitate ease of use and improve customer experience.
  • Derivatives copy trade program: Through the Copy Trade function, users can join with one click and trade professionally without tracking the market; Users with trading ability can also apply to become a Copy Trader and earn by leading orders.


  • Not available in the U.S.: BKEX doesn’t support U.S residents on its platform. So if you’re looking to trade cryptocurrencies you can use other platforms like Blockchain.com or BingX.

BKEX review: How Does BKEX Work?

If you’re a beginner looking to join BKEX, first you’ll have to sign up for an account on the BKEX exchange.

The exchange accepts fiat money deposits. It also supports fiat currency deposits, i.e. Investors/Traders can purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat.

It has the ability for traders to fund their BKEX accounts by transferring their digital assets from a digital wallet.

After that, the BKEX account is now ready to buy, sell, or exchange supported cryptocurrencies.

The BKEX exchange trading view is designed for ease of use, and as with order books, users can search for the buy rate and sell price of different cryptocurrencies.

BKEX review: Services Offered by BKEX

Spot Trading

BKEX is known for offering spot trading services with more than 1,000 superior quality currencies, including 700+ USDT pairs, 20+ BTC pairs, and 10+ ETH pairs.

Contract  Trading

BKEX contract trading includes more than 600 contract masters globally. The available tradable currencies are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, FIL, EOS, XRP, DOT, UNI, LINK, DOGE, and 1000 SHIB. Contract trading at BKEX has a two-way opening, and investors are allowed to reset their profit or stop-loss prices.

Smart Pool

BKEX offers current mining, flexible mining, regular mining, and new coin mining. Traders can enjoy mining finances and high earnings with a single click.


BKEX is a leading blockchain exchange that offers single-click staking, easy mining, and flexible unlocking. Users can stake in the following currencies – BRG, MILO, CMCX, DOT, LQR, and SHIELD.

how to stake on bkex staking
BKEX Staking


ETH 2.0 has been introduced recently by BKEX, and it offers an extremely low threshold, high earnings with an APY of up to 20%, no risk of staking, and high liquidity that will allow users to participate as well as exit at any time they want to. Note that tokens acquired via unlocking can be used by users for further trading.

how to mine with BKEX ETH 2.0 Mining
BKEX ETH 2.0 Mining

Hashrate Mining

BKEX Hashrate Mining is a cloud mining service that has simplified mining processes, particularly for new miners. It has already delivered multiple phases of YH IPFS Super Mining Service and Chia Cloud Mining Service purchases.

BKEX Hashrate Mining
BKEX Hashrate Mining

Seed Incubator Pro

BKEX Seed Incubator Pro offers subscription services for superior-quality crypto assets. It selects premium-quality projects and carefully determines them, and it also disqualifies those that violate the rules reserved by BKEX Global and Seed Ins. 

The Seed Incubator Pro promotes the development of the crypto and blockchain industries and provides better financial services for high-quality projects and blockchain entrepreneurship. 

BKEX Seed Incubator Pro

BKK Buyback and Burning Records

The BKEX exchange utilizes around 70% of its handling fee to re-purchase and burn BKK records regularly. The burning cycle currently occurs weekly.

BKK Buyback and Burning Records

BKEX Wallet

BKEX exchange employs highly secure digital asset storage via multi-signature cold wallets. BKEX Wallet keeps you in charge of your keys, with the ability to enable multi-sig functionality when signing transactions.

BKEX New Sheik Plan

BKEX has come up with a new Sheik Plan that allows users to join the plan and enjoy huge discounts of up to 50% on BKK purchases, high commissions on spot trading, and super contract handling fees. It also offers various exclusive gifts as well as VIP interests and rights to Sheik members.

BKEX New Sheik Plan

BKEX Perpetual Swap Contract

The Perpetual Swap Contract of BKEX features the following:-

  • A double-set price mechanism increases the difficulties relating to price manipulation.
  • It is anchored to spot market prices.
  • It offers flexible leverage with a maximum leverage of 100x.
  • It features a mechanism of automatic position reduction to uphold the interests of the traders.


Different exchanges have different trading views. And there is no “this overview is the best”-view. You should determine which trading view suits you the best. What the views normally have in common is that they all show the order book, or at least part of it, a price chart of the chosen cryptocurrency, and order history. They normally also have buy-and-sell boxes. Before you choose an exchange, try to have a look at the trading view so that you can ascertain whether it feels right to you. Below is a picture of the trading view at BKEX:


BKEX review: BKEX Fees

BKEX Trading Fees

The trading fees or handling fees charged by BKEX are usually low and as per industry standards. The maker fee is generally 0.15%, and the taker fee is 0.05%

For perpetual contracts, the maker fee is 0.02%, and the taker fee is 0.05%

BKEX Withdrawal Fees

Another fee to consider before choosing which exchange to trade at is the withdrawal fee. The withdrawal fee is usually fixed (regardless of the number of cryptocurrency units withdrawn) and varies from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency.

The withdrawal fees on BKEX vary from one cryptocurrency to the next. Some of the withdrawal fee structures are displayed in the table below.

CryptoMin withdrawal
Max withdrawal 24hr max withdrawalTransaction fee

BKEX Deposit Fees

BKEX does not charge deposit fees.

BKEX Affiliate Program

A trader can invite a new user to the exchange through a personal referral link. When the invited user starts trading, the trader who invited him will get 20% of his trading fees. If this user attracts another user to the exchange, the first trader will get an additional 10% of his trading fees.

BKEX review: BKEX Exchange Sign up

To begin exploring all of BKEX, you’ll need to sign up and complete the BKEX KYC process to unlock your account limitations.

Step 1

Visit BKEX.com. On the BKEX create account page, input your email address, create a password, check the box, and click on “Sign up.”

How to create a BKEX account

Step 2

A code will be sent to you. Go to your email address, copy and paste the code into the required field

Note: Now that you have successfully verified your email and created your account.

Step 3

Now you can sign in to your account using your BKEX exchange login details, i.e., your email and password, and begin exploring all of BKEX.

how to complete BKEX KYC

BKEX Supported Currencies and Countries

BKEX Supported Currencies

BKEX exchange supports a lot of cryptocurrencies, over 1200, including all the popular digital coins and tokens, some of which include:

  • Bitcoin
  • BKEX Chain
  • Solana
  • Ethereum
  • Mask Network
  • Dogecoin
  • Shiba Inu
  • BNB
  • Filecoin
  • Avalanche
  • Cosmos
  • Polkadot

BKEX Supported Countries

BKEX trading platform supports US customers as well. It is a global digital asset financial service platform with independent trading and operation centers in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United States, South Korea, and other countries and regions. 

BKEX Deposit and Withdrawal Method

The only accepted deposit method on BKEX is crypto. Investors cannot fund their BKEX accounts with any fiat currency. The withdrawal method is also in cryptocurrencies, and there is a withdrawal fee charged on different crypto withdrawals.

BKEX review: BKEX Token (BKK)

BKEX crypto exchange offers a native crypto token known as BKK that allows traders to trade at BKEX. BKK holders can use the tokens to enjoy a 25% handling fee discount when they make trades on the platform. 

BKEX coin (BKK) started its journey at $0.01684494 on February 18th, 2019, and has pumped by 748.65% over the course of the past 3 years, 8 months, and 12 days. As of this writing BKEX coin price is 0.1423 and the BKEX ranking according to coinmarketcap is 22. 

BKEX Trading Volume

When it comes to trading volume, BKEX has seen huge values, so much so that users claim that BKEX displays fake volume in order to entice and bring more users to trade on its platform. That being said, as of today, BKEX trading volume is currently 480,819,196.

BKEX Security & Privacy

BKEX site advertises itself as a highly secure platform with offline multi-signature cold storage wallets to protect against digital theft.

BKEX has introduced an abnormal price protection plan for perpetual contracts. BKEX Exchange will compensate users in the event of extreme market conditions or if they trade at abnormal prices.

BKEX review: BKEX App

The BKEX exchange website UI is not really designed for mobile devices, as everything seems to appear unusually and doesn’t fit. BKEX exchange app, on the other hand, is perfect for mobile devices as it allows you to trade the top cryptocurrencies. 

how to sign up on BKEX Mobile App
BKEX Mobile App

BKEX volume is growing, with its app having over 50,000 downloads on Play Store. It is also built with support for Android and IOS users. So you can download BKEX for Android on play store and for IOS on apple store.

Signing up on BKEX gives you access to over 1200 cryptocurrencies, with which you can buy, sell, and trade. Download and enjoy the professional, secure, user-friendly app now.

BKEX review: BKEX New Listings

BKEX has a launchpad as a self-listing service to promote innovative development in the blockchain industry. This was integrated to support more innovative blockchain projects, both newly launched and established ones alike. 

BKEX New Listings projects
BKEX New Listings

Are you interested in BKEX and would like to apply for a listing spot? Well, then you can apply using your PC and monitor your progress. The project team can improve your listing materials anytime, check the review progress in real-time, and accelerate your profile listing process. 

Application Criteria

  • Comprehensive and appropriate project materials
  • Policy risk-free, professional and compliant
  • Strong community support
  • Recommendations from professional and sophisticated investment agencies
  • Stable maintenance by a competent team or community
  • Real-time disclosure of project information, including the project whitepaper, regular development report, and progress report

The listing process is carried out in five distinct steps. Below are the outlined steps to be carried out in order to list on BKEX successfully:

  • Submit Your Application: The project team submits an application.
  • Review the project: BKEX would review the application form submitted by the project team.
  • Add Materials: After the application is approved, the project team needs to add more detailed information on the cryptocurrency to be listed.
  • Payment: After relevant parameters are confirmed, the project team pays the fee required.
  • Confirm to List: After the application is completed, BKEX staff will contact you for listing.

BKEX Customer Support

BKEX’s customers facing any problems while trading or completing their transactions can raise a token on its customer service page. BKEX information is also available on different social media platforms, like Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many more.

BKEX Exchange has 24/7 customer service support, and their customer service comes from all over the world and can communicate in English and Chinese. They also have a live chat to help users with questions and complaints.

BKEX Review Reddit

These BKEX exchange reviews include both positive and negative feedback from BKEX exchange users. Below are some of the top BKEX reddit reviews from its users:

“total scam. I bought some cxc on there, then I went to sell it at 4 per share, all went through ok and money showed in my account. Then it changed and my total changed as well in the account and came up saying I sold at .4. I spoke to customer support about this and they just told me I made a mistake when I was sure I did not. I even played around with the system after buying and selling a few times and they always bought higher and sold lower substantially than what they were showing when you try at market price. When you try at trade price it does not go through.Absolute scam beware unless you want to lose your money.”

“Fraud exchange don’t do transactions on this exchange, they show different market prices while selling and on sale give you different sale prices.”

“BKEX is the best centralized exchange you can find. The most important thing is I bought a lot of cryptocurrencies from BKEX and gained a lot of profits. I am very happy and I hope BKEX will continue to persist in its efforts to dig more valuable projects. Especially the hottest areas of the moment such as metaverse, NFT’s e.t.c

Is BKEX Legit?

The ability of an exchange to be secure cannot be overemphasized. Security is highly essential, as it goes a long way toward ensuring the safety of your funds. So is BKEX safe? Let’s find out.

  • Digital asset storage cold wallet with multiple signatures. BKEX stores most of the users’ funds are stored in a Cold wallet which is highly secure and you can also set up multiple signatures as an added security measure/precaution in signing your transactions.
  • Two-Factor Authenticator (2FA) for added security can be set up. 2FA can be enabled on BKEX sign in. This requires a 6-digit code from your authenticator app to verify your BKEX login.
  • Bug bounty to eliminate the system vulnerabilities and further improve the exchange functions and services of BKEX. BKEX is going to launch a bug bounty program for all cybersecurity researchers. 
  • Know your customer (KYC) is an added security feature that users will have to undertake in order to unlock all limitations on their BKEX account and thus keep BKEX safe and secure by helping them put an identity to an account.
  • Its website uses SSL certificates to make sure your data collected on the BKEX website is encrypted.

BKEX Review: Conclusion

BKEX is an excellent option for non-US advanced traders looking to trade large amounts of cryptocurrency. What sets the BKEX exchange apart from most other exchanges are its additional services, such as spot trading, leveraged ETP products, OTC services, staking functionality, crypto loans for up to 180 days, etc. 

As far as security goes, this might be worrying, as BKEX doesn’t really display much about its security measures and practices on its website. Regardless of the basic security features installed, it’s safe to say users can transact on this exchange. 

BKEX crypto exchange has served many users in over 100 countries and has been regulated and audited by third parties. The amount of traffic generated by BKEX indicates that this exchange has a large user base and a high trading volume. 

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