BTC Suddenly Lands in a Range Formation After $31K Rally

BTC Suddenly Lands in a Range Formation After $31K Rally
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Bitcoin range formation after $31K rally

Not so long ago, BTC’s consolidation which lasted for several months caused some uncertainty on the clear direction of price. According to previous analyses on 3rd June and 18th June, we speculated that BTC was merely preparing for a big move. There were a lot of analysts who shared the same sentiments and true to all our speculation, BTC soared, hitting $31,485 and over 15% in the past 12 days. This sudden rally left market observers awestruck, as Bitcoin’s value experienced a significant upward swing within a relatively short span of time. The surge likely resulted from a combination of factors such as increased institutional interest, positive market sentiment, and growing adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Formation of a Range

Following the exhilarating rally, Bitcoin’s price has now entered a range formation, indicating a temporary period of consolidation and potential indecisiveness among traders. A range formation occurs when the price of an asset oscillates within a specific range, moving between defined support and resistance levels. In this case, Bitcoin’s price movement appears to have found stability within a particular price range after the significant rally. Afterall, price can’t stretch continuously in any direction; it must correct and retrace, even if it can continue in the same direction later on.

Bitcoin range formation after $31K rally
Source: TradingView (4 Hour Time Frame)

So, right now price is consolidating yet again as shown above, making a ranging formation between the horizontal resistance at $31,038 and the horizontal support at $29,920 levels as indicated by the two green horizontal lines.

Bitcoin range formation after $31K rally
Source: TradingView (1 Hour Time Frame)

Interestingly, at the time of writing, price had gone below the support line, but quickly reacted and snapped back, signaling a rejection of a lower price and creating a long wick (rejection) candle (pointed out by red arrow); all in the span of an hour as seen above.

Implications for Traders 

The range formation after a substantial rally introduces both opportunities and challenges for traders. Within the range, traders may identify potential buying and selling opportunities by taking advantage of short-term price fluctuations. By buying near the support level and selling near the resistance level, traders can potentially profit from the oscillations within the range.

However, trading within a range requires careful consideration of market conditions, as the lack of a clear trend can lead to increased volatility and false breakouts. Traders must exercise caution and employ appropriate risk management strategies to navigate this period effectively.

Market Sentiment and Future Outlook

The sudden rally followed by the range formation has undoubtedly sparked varied sentiments within the cryptocurrency community. Some investors may interpret the range formation as a consolidation phase before another bullish move, while others may view it as a sign of potential market indecision and a prelude to further price corrections.

As with any financial market, predicting future price movements in Bitcoin is challenging, and multiple factors can influence its trajectory. Traders and investors will closely monitor key indicators, market sentiment, and emerging news to gauge the potential direction of Bitcoin’s next significant move.


Bitcoin’s recent $31,485 rally left an indelible mark on the cryptocurrency market, capturing the attention of participants worldwide. However, the subsequent range formation indicates a period of consolidation and potential indecision among traders. While this presents opportunities for short-term trading strategies, it also calls for vigilance and prudent risk management. As the market continues to evolve, market participants will eagerly watch for signs of a breakout or a continuation of the range formation, shaping their strategies accordingly.

We’re currently waiting for a breakout in either direction, but since an attempted breakout below the horizontal support has failed, we have reason to believe that bulls are still very much present and are most likely ready for another rally.

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