What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFT’S 2023? Top 5

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS
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If you’re interested in collecting or investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you’ll definitely need a crypto wallet. This article will teach you: What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS? so that you can securely store and trade your NFTS.

What is an NFT Wallet?

An NFT wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to hold, store, and trade your NFTs. These wallets support the blockchain protocol on which NFTs are built, as well as the currencies required to purchase NFTs, such as ETH. Because the vast majority of NFTs use the Ethereum blockchain, most Ethereum wallets will work with your NFTS.

How to get an NFT wallet

To obtain an NFT wallet, simply follow the detailed steps outlined below:

Step 1


In order to commence, you can buy ETH, the digital currency that fuels transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, from a crypto exchange of your choice that supports ETH cryptocurrency. You’ll need ETH to “mint” an NFT, purchase an NFT, and for gas fees to complete transactions.

Step 2

Setup a Crypto Wallet 

A crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, stores your ETH and processes transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. You can set up your wallet in just a few steps, and a unique wallet address will be generated for you, which you’ll use to complete transactions.

Step 3

Connect your Crypto wallet to OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest online marketplace for NFTS. Navigate to opensea.io and click on your “Profile Icon.” 

Then you’ll see a drop-down of wallets, you can select any wallet of your choice then you’ll be prompted to connect your wallet.

How to get an NFT wallet

Note: You will continue through with multiple prompts, finishing with the connection screen. 

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS?

To own an NFT, you need to have an NFT wallet. The best NFT wallets let you display your NFTs and protect them from hackers. Let’s clear up any confusion about what is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS by outlining the top 5 best digital wallets for NFT:


Our take

MetaMask is ideal for intermediate to advanced users who trade cryptocurrency frequently, as it allows them to use multiple accounts on multiple devices at the same time.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS metamask

Metamask is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that only supports Ethereum and other Ethereum blockchain tokens (ERC-20 tokens). It is hardware wallet compatible and includes a newly released NFT portfolio tracker. This tracker allows you to keep track of all your NFTs in real-time.

MetaMask, founded in 2016 by ConsenSys, began as a desktop-only wallet before launching a complementary mobile app in 2020. Users can add custom tokens to the wallet, which supports over 600,000 cryptocurrencies. This feature is useful for those who enjoy taking part in airdrops or purchasing new unlisted coins.

Beginners may find MetaMask difficult to use, but experienced users will appreciate the wallet’s multichain functionality. Beginners may face an additional challenge with MetaMask’s security.


Our take

ZenGo is ideal for NFT newcomers who prefer simple, user-friendly wallets.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS zengo wallet

ZenGo NFT wallet founded in 2018 by Ouriel Ohayon, Tal Be’ery, and Omer Shlomovits. In 2021, the team raised $20 million in a funding round led by big tech names like Samsung.

The ZenGo wallet allows you to exchange over 70 different cryptocurrencies. ZenGo appeals to newcomers due to its user-friendly interface that simplifies technical crypto and NFT terms. The ZenGo website also has a wealth of resources on crypto and NFTs that can help you better understand these concepts.

Intermediate users who prefer non-custodial wallets will appreciate ZenGo’s multiparty computational feature (MPC). This feature stores your private keys in various locations so you are not locked out of your wallet.

It also recently introduced a Web3 firewall to help protect users from being scammed or connecting to malicious websites. Despite the wallet’s excellent security features, there are some privacy concerns. Because it is not entirely a non-custodial wallet, third parties may gain access to your data.

Trust Wallet

Our take

Trust Wallet is an ideal mobile NFT wallet for NFT traders who like to trade on the go.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS trust wallet

Trust Wallet is a software wallet that supports millions of digital assets, including NFTs. Viktor Radchenko founded Trust Wallet in 2017 but sold it a year later to Binance. The wallet has become one of the most widely used wallets in cryptocurrency due to its incredible functionality.

Trust Wallet appears to be ahead in terms of innovation. After previously supporting only Ethereum and BSC NFTs, the wallet began supporting Solana NFTs in August 2022. It is only available on mobile devices and works with a variety of hardware wallets.

Trust Wallet is not the most secure wallet because it only uses a 12-word key and passcode verification, with/without Touch ID or Face ID. Losing this phrase is equivalent to losing assets. Another security concern is the presence of a large number of unverified tokens, which trap unsuspecting victims.


Our take

MathWallet is ideal for users who want to invest in a variety of NFTs.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS mathwallet

Eric Yu and Ke Qiao founded MathWallet in 2019 as a cloud, mobile, and web wallet. Many wallets do not support a wide range of blockchains, but MathWallet supports over 140. It can display NFTs across devices flawlessly and even supports hardware wallet connectivity.

MathWallet is the best alternative for users who want to try out different NFTs on different blockchains because it easily connects to dApps, including NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Even though there is no built-in exchange, depositing and withdrawing fiat is relatively simple. You can make payments using MoonPay and Coinbase Pay.

MathWallet also allows you to save NFTs as audio, video, or both, making it much easier to invest in NFT art, games, and music. Its feature set is robust enough to keep users returning for more.

Coinbase Wallet

Our take

Coinbase is ideal for users who send and receive NFTs from multiple wallets.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS coinbase wallet

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency wallet founded by Brian Armstrong in 2012, is one of the oldest still in operation. In 2021, it began incorporating NFTs into its features. The wallet has an impressive onboarding procedure, including the option of directly backing up your passcode to Google Drive, making it safer.

Coinbase has an extensive library of resources to help users learn about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and Web3. With Coinbase, you don’t have to worry about wallet addresses or networks because of its username feature. It allows users to choose a username from a list of options. This new feature allows you to instantly send and receive cryptos or NFTs.

The below table displays a comparison of the best NFTs wallets and their main features:

WalletsNumber of Supported CurrenciesFeesIn-App NFT Marketplace
Trust Wallet4,500,000+ FreeYes
MathWallet140+ FreeYes
Coinbase Wallet100,000+FreeYes

How to send NFT to another wallet

OpenSea is the biggest and most popular NFT marketplace right now. If you want to know how to transfer NFT from OpenSea to Metamask, you can use the following steps.

  • Navigate to an NFT you’d like to transfer.
  • In the bottom left corner of the item card, click the three-dot menu and select Transfer.
  • Confirm your selection and press Continue.
  • Enter the recipient’s wallet address (ENS domains are also accepted) and press Send items.
  • Confirm the signature request in your wallet.
  • You’ll see a confirmation message once the item has been transferred. You can also view the confirmation on Etherscan by clicking View transaction.

You can also transfer NFTs directly using crypto wallets. To transfer an NFT with MetaMask, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the MetaMask app and click NFTs.
  • Select the NFT you would like to transfer and press Send.
  • Paste the recipient address and click Next, confirm the NFT selection by clicking Next again.
  • You will then see the Estimated gas fee. This gas fee is the cost of transferring your NFT to the recipient (in ETH). To confirm the transfer, press Send.
  • You’ll see a confirmation message when the transfer is complete.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFTS: Conclusion

As more people become interested in NFTs, crypto wallets have begun to incorporate NFTs into their framework. Depending on their needs, users can choose an NFT wallet that they are comfortable with.

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