Guest Post

AlteBlock Guest Post

AlteBlock Guest Post gives journalists and non-journalist contributors a voice to express their opinions and perspectives within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Guest writers can submit an opinion piece focusing on a current topic in the news. This should typically be between 300 and 500 words, while articles should be between 1000 and 1500 words long. It is critical to have a clear line of argument stating the major point you want your readers to take away from the piece.

How do I submit a Guest Post?

Your submission should be created in a Google Doc and shared with This allows our editors to edit and leave any comments that require your response. We will contact you if we decide to proceed with your piece after an editor has examined it. It will very certainly need a round of modifications.

This back-and-forth can go on for numerous revisions to ensure that the article follows our house style, that the citations are correct, and that the content is engaging. We will post the piece on our site and promote it through our social media platforms once the writer and editor agree it is ready for publication.

After a successful submission, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Your submission must include the author’s full name, a brief bio, contact information, social links, and your image. You may also submit your content as an online link if the article has already been published on another platform.

Note that submissions are free. There is no charge!

What We Look for in a Guest Post

We’re looking for well-written, concise pieces that make a compelling and engaging argument, preferably regarding a newsworthy topic or speculation in the crypto industry. We’re also looking for opinion pieces that challenge conventional knowledge or take an argument from a previously published post elsewhere.

Above all, write about what you know; your specific knowledge gives you a distinct perspective on the news. You should also avoid making broad statements; if you’re making an argument, you should back it up with specific facts and numbers. When you utilize facts, statistics, or quotes, we want you to cite them and include links to the sources.

Note that if your content promotes a product, service, or business, it’s not for AlteBlock. Our Guest Posts are not promotional tools for your product or service.