DeFi is broad and gaining mainstream adoption it means pools of people are getting on board every day to interact and utilize a certain service or another, be it an exchange (CEX or DEX), a Wallet, etc.

our story

Alteblock was formed as a solution to help individuals navigate this new world of DeFi by interacting with DeFi applications to guide users on how to select the best platform suitable for their business as an entrepreneur, the best exchange as a trader, the best wallet as an investor, and so on.


Every person on the planet has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur, trader, or investor. All they require is reliable information.
However, curiosity bridges the gap for good content, and Alteblock has made itself a bridge to fill this curious gap.


With our detailed analysis and reviews, we assist investors to help them save time and steer them in the right direction towards avoiding dead projects or scams. We bring you the best of the best in the industry with three considerations in mind: